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In communities all across Canada, the NWMO has been busy trying to convince communities of the benefits of hosting the world's most dangerous waste - highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel.

In community after community the NWMO deploys the same tired playbook, time and time again. Exploit a rural community looking for economic development and create a rosy narrative around hosting a deep geological repository (DGR).

In community after community they directly and indirectly manipulate our local institutions through promises of an economic windfall. In essence they high jack the democratic process by turning our local institutions into openly advocating for the project in their community. In some documented cases they have even manipulated local councils and mayors by putting them directly on the payroll to promote the project.

Click the link below to learn more about how they have infiltrated communities across Canada and have been sent packing, leaving divided communities in their wake.


A conflict of interest?

"Apart from some possible drop in farmland values surrounding the site, I cannot see where there would be as much negativity as what some people think there will be.”

                         Mayor of South Bruce, Bob Buckle

                            Owen Sound Sun Times   Jan. 26 2020

See what they've been up to and how they have been making decisions about how to manipulate You for years!

NWMO sponsored CLC's are the strongest example of where our local institutions cross the line from balanced representative of your interests to openly advocating and doing the work of NWMO. Manipulated through the promise of economic windfalls at the expense of health and safety, our environment, and agricultural sector. This scenario has played out in community after community across Canada. See links to important minutes where our local institutions of government and business step outside of their supposed "learn more" role to planning on how they will establish and advocate for this dump.   

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